Apr 16 2014
While we have kept up to date with our monthly prizes, our monthly updates have been left lagging behind, so here’s a quick roundup of the winners so far…


October was the first of our monthly prizes and was closely contested by two friends. Jamie Cameron and his interestingly named team (Inter yer Maw) won with 162 pts, leaving Ross Hamill (Loser Cruisers) behind on 151 pts. Although Ross is clutching the champagne bottle rather tightly, it is actually being passed to Jamie on the left.



Last year’s runner up Ben Thornton (Rovering Rovers) won November’s prize with 154 pts, but was closely followed by David Benson (estrellas azul, 142 pts) and Brian Nicolson (Crystal Phallus, 140 pts). Ben has since kept up his great form but finds himself in familiar territory – 2nd place. He trails Nigel Dodds (Clyne Every Mountain) by 51pts and with only a few rounds of games left to go; only time will tell if he can pull it back…


Manager of the month



This brings us on nicely to December’s winner, who was indeed won by the current league leader, Nigel Dodds (Clyne Every Mountain). The sheer number of games in December allowed Nigel to accumulate a massive 352 pts, but he was very closely followed by Peter Love (St Petersburg, 350 pts) who narrowly missed out on the prize by just a few points.



January proved to be the closest month so far with only 3 points separating the top three. Ste Jervis (Republic of Mancunia) won with 223 pts but was shadowed by October’s winner, Jamie Cameron (Inter yer Maw) who was only 1 point behind. Brian Paterson (Lost Strollers) then closely followed again with his total of 220 pts.



Spider’s MD, John Campbell won February’s prize fairly comfortably with his Lambs to Lions team who ended up with 266 pts. The closest teams trailing behind were Gary Moyes (Mindless Wanderers, 239 pts) and Ben Thornton (Rovering Rovers, 236 pts).



And finally, this brings us onto the latest monthly prize which was won by Brian Nicolson (Crystal Phallus) with 209 pts. Mark Gorman (Bunter's Punters, 199 pts) closely followed, while Nigel Dodds (Clyne Every Mountain, 198 pts) was also not far behind.


Overall League

Now that the monthly prizes are out the way, here’s a brief round-up of the current league standings… Out in front is Nigel Dodds (Clyne Every Mountain, 1644 pts) who maintains a 51 point gap over Ben Thornton (Rovering Rovers, 1593 pts), last year’s runner up. Closely following Ben is October’s winner, Jamie Cameron (Inter yer Maw, 1565 pts) who has maintained consistent form throughout the season. Can any of these boys close the gap on Nigel? Or might the winner even come from elsewhere? Only time will tell…